Frequently Asked Questions




Why do you need to be 90 pounds to zip?

Our ziplines are long! You need to weigh at least 90 pounds so that you’ll build up the momentum you’ll need to get from one end of the zipline to the other.

Why do you have a maximum of 250 pounds?

This is for safety reasons—we’re sorry, but our ziplines, rappels and other features are calibrated to a range of guests and can’t safely accommodate riders who weigh more than 250 pounds.

I don’t know how much everyone in my group weighs. What if someone does not meet the weight requirement?

Before you book your tour, please make sure everyone in your group weighs between 90 and 250 pounds.

For safety reasons, we’ll have to double-check—all guests will be discreetly weighed at check-in. Please note—we’re sorry, but if you don’t meet the weight requirements you won’t be allowed on the tour, and we won’t be able to refund amounts paid, as we’ve set aside the spot for anyone who has reserved a spot.

Please don’t book if you don’t meet the weight requirements!

My child weighs less than 90 pounds, but really wants to participate. Can he zip with someone else? Can we attach weights to him to make him heavy enough?

Our minimum weight requirement exists for reasons of both safety and enjoyment—guests simply won’t make it from one end of the zipline to the other if they weigh less than 90 pounds.

And if you’re measuring, participants should weigh at least 90 pounds when wearing appropriate clothing and tennis shoes. Weights may not be worn—anyone found using weights will be removed from the tour without a refund.

Finally, for safety reasons we can’t allow participants weighing less than 90 pounds to zip tandem-style with someone else in order to meet the weight requirement.


Preparing for Your Tour


Where do I find directions to Ziplines at Pacific Crest?

You can find directions to us here.

What should I wear?

Dress like you would if you were headed into the woods on a hike. And remember—we operate rain or shine, so please plan ahead for the weather.

We recommend wearing layers, so that you can adjust your clothing accordingly once you have arrived in Wrightwood. We are up in the mountains, so prepare for it to be cooler than down in flat land. Closed-toe shoes (like tennis shoes or hiking boots) are required.

Pants or longer shorts are recommended—they’re more comfortable with our harnesses.

What can I bring with me?

Leave valuables at home or lock them securely in your vehicle.

Stuff in your pockets (like wallets, cell phones and keys) have a nasty tendency to be get pushed out by straps of your harness. This is bad, because if you drop something while you’re on your adventure, we can’t retrieve it. (Please do not feed the bears credit cards.)

Cameras are permitted if they have a strap and can be secured to your gear—but remember you’re responsible and you are about to go on an adventure that requires active participation—you’ll need your hands and wits about you.

Water bottles, backpacks, and belt-style packs are not permitted. (Don’t worry about getting thirsty—a water break is scheduled halfway through each tour.)

Please bring along any fast-acting medications (like an asthma inhaler or EpiPen) that you may need while on the tour. Your guide will make sure these items are secure and available.

Can I bring a camera?

Yes! Cameras are permitted provided they have a strap and can be secured to your gear. We suggest point-and-shoot style cameras rather than ones with large lenses.

GoPro video cameras can be accommodated if you bring along the helmet strap accessory. (Our tour participants have learned from sad experience that helmet sticky-mounts do not work. On the plus side, the bighorn sheep in Angeles National Forest now have a really sweet YouTube channel.)

If you don’t want to bring a camera, don’t worry—your guides will take photos of you throughout your tour experience. These pictures will be available for purchase in the Welcome Center following your tour.

Do you provide all of the necessary equipment?

We do. Simply come dressed and prepared for an active outdoor experience and we will provide everything you need—harness, gloves, and helmet!

What if I arrive late for my scheduled tour time?

Please arrive at least 20 minutes before your scheduled departure time to allow adequate time for check-in. Our tours depart on time, and no refunds will be issued for late arrivals. For more information, visit our Requirements & Policies page.

Where can I park?

Our Welcome Center is located at 6014 Park Drive in Wrightwood, California. You are welcome to park out front when you first check in, but we may ask you to move your vehicle to a different area before you head out on your tour.

Where can I stay?

Experience true Wrightwood hospitality when you check out our friends at the Wrightwood Lodging Association. Visit the Association website to find the best cabins, rentals, inns, and B&Bs Wrightwood has to offer.

It’s raining, and I don’t want to go zipping. Can I cancel?

Pacific Crest Ziplines operates rain or shine.

However, we have two pieces of good news. First, exactly none of our guests have melted in the rain to date. Second, those same guests regularly report that zipping in the rain is a BLAST!

Remember, as outlined in our cancellation policy, refunds are not issued for cancellations within 72 hours of the scheduled tour time. We will continue to operate tours as long as weather is not considered threatening.

In the event of severe weather, such as lightning or sustained high winds, we may choose to cancel or discontinue your tour with a full or partial refund. For more information, see our Requirements & Policies page.

Reservations & Booking


Why do I need reservations?

We need to know when you’re planning to zip with us so we can schedule guide staff to take you into the trees!

What’s more, our tours accommodate a limited number of people—no more than 8 guests and 2 guides. Reservations help us determine how many people are zipping and when. That’s why reservations are always required.

However, you should know that day-of reservations are often available on tour times that aren’t completely sold out. If you’re in the mood to zip RIGHT NOW, call us up and ask if there are spaces open!

How do I make a reservation?

Use our online booking system to book your tour or call our office at (760) 705-1003. We will be happy to get you zipping!

How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?

We suggest booking at least two weeks before the day you want to zip so you have a number of departure times to choose from. And remember—weekend tours book up fast!

If you’re in a large group, you’ll want to book as early as possible . . . Especially if you have more than the maximum 8 people allowed per tour. (You don’t want half of your group going in the morning and the other half in the afternoon, do you?)

Keep in mind that our cancellation policy—one of the kindest in our industry, if we do say so ourselves—allows you to change or cancel your reservation provided you call at least 72 hours before your scheduled tour time.

What is your cancellation policy?

The short version: all reservations are charged in full at the time of booking, but cancellations made at least 72 hours in advance will be fully refunded. For more, see our Requirements & Policies page.

Why can’t I cancel, reschedule, or get a refund within 72 hours of my scheduled tour time?

We need to plan for your visit, and 72 hours gives us enough time to polish the mountains and dry-clean the trees.

Well, not really . . . The truth is we need the time to schedule enough guide staff to accompany you. From Canopy Guides and Sales Staff to Driver Guides and management team members, we have a lot of people who swing into action when you step up to the plate and say, “Count me in.”  (This is also why last-minute cancellations, changes or refunds are not possible.)

The Tour Experience


I don’t want to participate, but I’d like to watch my friends and/or family zipline. Is this possible?

Sorry, but no. Pacific Crest Ziplines tours are spread across hundreds of acres of land. For safety reasons, access to the course is exclusively limited to employees and guests actively participating in the tour.

There’s plenty to do in Wrightwood while you wait on your ziplining buddies, though. Home to antique shops, local restaurants, and unique boutiques, Wrightwood hosts annual events that attract visitors from throughout Southern California such as the Classic Car Show, Mountaineer Days, Jeep Willy’s Rally, and more! For more area information, visit the Wrightwood Chamber of Commerce.

How physically demanding are your tours?

Participants should be in good health and prepared for an active tour, but you should know that guests from ages 10 to 80 and older have successfully completed our tours.

During your tour, you’ll be standing and moving around with few opportunities to sit down. The hiking portion is about ¾ of a mile total, but it will take place on inclined, uneven terrain, at elevations where most people get winded faster than when down in the real world. Full range of motion in your arms, shoulders, neck, and back is required.

You’ll be expected to follow your guides’ instructions at all times. For safety reasons, if you’re unable to steer and brake as instructed, you’ll be asked to discontinue your tour.

How many people will be in my tour group?

Each group includes a maximum of 8 guests and 2 canopy guides. If there are fewer than 8 people in your group, you’ll very likely do your tour with others.

Groups larger than 8 should plan to book multiple tour times back-to-back.

Which is better: the Mountain View Tour or the Canopy Tour?

That’s like asking which kid is your favorite. How could we choose?

Both tours offer incredible views, long and fast zips, and some fun additional activities in the treetops.

If you have to choose (and really, why should you when the All Day Package is available?) your main considerations ought to be the length of time you have available and which of the additional elements—rappels, free falls, bridges—interest you.

The Mountain View Tour typically takes 2.5-hours to complete and includes 6 ziplines, 2 “free-fall” rappels (where guests get to take a leap off of tree platforms high above the ground), and 3 short hikes.

The Canopy Tour consists of 9 ziplines (including one set of side-by-side racing ziplines), 2 traditional rappels, 3 bridges and 3 short hikes.

Both tours are suitable for first-time zipliners, though the Zipline Canopy Tour does offer ziplines of more extreme heights and lengths than the Mountain View Tour.

Still can’t decide? Seriously—stick around for the full day and take advantage of the best deal we offer . . . Our Ultimate All Day Package gets you both tours at a savings of $33 per person!

How do we get from the Welcome Center to the start of the tour?

Our 300-acre tour site is located approximately two miles west of town. After gearing up at our Welcome Center in Wrightwood, you and your group will take a 10-minute ride in one of our 4×4 all-terrain “Quad Vehicles” up the mountainside to the tour entry trail.

Are there restrooms available while on the tour?

No restrooms are available while on the tour. You’re encouraged to plan accordingly and use the facilities at the Welcome Center just before your scheduled tour time.

What if I get scared or “chicken out”?

It’ll be easiest for you to discontinue your tour following Ground School (the first few ziplines on the course where you learn proper zipping technique). Staff will pick you up from the tour and transport you back to the Welcome Center if you want. (No shame!)

If you get scared later on during the tour, we can arrange to bring you back but you should know that, oftentimes, the only way down from the course is to be lowered by rope from the platform to the ground.

What is a rappel?

A rappel is a slow, controlled descent by rope from the tree platform to the ground.

We teach you to rappel in a traditional manner (where you control your speed), but we also use devices that ensure a slow, controlled descent even if you were to let go of the rope for any reason.

What is a “free-fall” rappel?

Our “free-fall” rappels use a device that allows you to step or leap off of the tree platform, experience an 8- to 10-foot “free-fall” feeling, and then be lowered slowly to the ground.

I don’t want to do the bridges or rappelling, I just want to zipline. Is this possible?

Our tours are a closed circuit. Once you begin the tour, you are up in the trees continuously traveling from tree platform to tree platform by zipline, bridge, or rappel. Because of the nature of the tour, it is not possible to experience ziplines without also experiencing all of the other elements included in the tour.

What happens if threatening weather blows up while I am up in the trees?

In the event of severe weather, such as lightning or sustained high winds, we may choose to cancel or discontinue your tour. For more information, see our Requirements and Policies page.

Is there food or water available while on the tour?

No food is available while on the tour. A water break is included at the mid-way point of each tour.

Do you take photos or videos of us while we are on the tour?

Yes. Your guides will capture photos of you and your group throughout the tour. These pictures will be available to purchase in the Welcome Center immediately following your tour.

Is the tour safe?

We focus on using redundant systems. You’ll see evidence of this throughout your experience. You are always connected to lanyards while up in the trees, and your guides will handle all of your protective gear.

Plus, rather than zipping on just one cable (as most tours do), we use a dual-cable system for added safety and security.

We like to describe our tours as “low risk,” but you play a very important role in ensuring your personal safety! Listening to your guides, following directions and keeping your cool, as well as knowing your personal limits will all help to ensure you have a great experience.

What kind of braking system do you use, and why?

Zipline at Pacific Crest tours require active participation. Your Canopy Guides will teach you everything you need to know about steering (remaining straight forward on the ziplines) and braking.

You can easily brake by applying a steady downward pressure on your lower zip cable with your gloved palm. Canopy Guides also operate back-up brakes in the event you don’t properly slow yourself down at the end of a zip.

If you’re nervous about steering or braking, know that our courses are designed to gradually introduce you to the experience and allow you to “get the hang of things” before longer, faster ziplines.

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