Mountain View Tour

2.5 hrs. | 6 Zips + More! | $109/person


Whether you’re a seasoned “zipper” or a first-timer looking to quench your thirst for adventure, our Mountain View Zipline Tour provides the perfect mix of fun, thrills, and amazing views!

The perfect mix of fun, thrills, and amazing views!

  • Experience 6 exhilarating ziplines – as high as 150 ft., as long as 1100 ft., and speeds up to 55 mph!
  • Leap off 2 tree platforms in controlled free-fall. (You’ve never felt anything like it!)
  • Enjoy three short hikes with breathtaking mountain views throughout the entire course
  • You’ll be accompanied by two highly trained guides who are knowledgeable and passionate about the forest. Take a break from the city and experience breathtaking beauty and thrills just around the corner!

2.5 hr. adventure! (Time varies based on group size and day)


$109/person (Saturday and Sunday only)

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Ziplines at Pacific Crest is home of two of the most thrilling zipline courses in the nation. We’re located just 75 miles from Los Angeles, right above Rancho Cucamonga in the San Gabriel Mountains, next to Mountain High Resort. Come soar with us!